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What is Yoga? What´s the purpose of it? Where does it come from? Who is at the Origin of Yoga? How did it develop? Those are some of the questions we have answered ourselves throughout the years. We want to share this with you, to convey that Yoga is a path in itself and that Hatha Yoga is intended to train oneself for meditation.

About Us



We have built our center with the intention of forming a community; a supportive loving space in which we all can come together and grow.

We want to provide a space for you to learn about yoga through its practice & to understand that yoga is an ancient set of techniques that will open you to the realization that you are embodied consciousness. Through Yoga, you discover that your awareness is everywhere, not just inside your body.

We are happy to share with you the knowledge that we have acquired by listening and practicing with different teachers across the world, mainly in India, Thailand and North America.



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