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Integral Coaching

I would describe “Integral” as a state where one includes and transcends previous states.
Therefore, Integral Coaching refers to a way of life coaching that is whole and complete.  Integral Coaching is based on the globally recognized Integral Theory by Ken Wilber.

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Reiki is a spiritual practice that was rediscovered in 1922

by Japanese Mikao Usui.

It is a technique in which the reiki practitioner serves as a channel for the energy of the environment to balance the emotions, mind and physical structure of the person who receives it.  It's a wonderful therapy that will relax you, open yourself to deeper states of mind and aid in your personal development.

Past wounds may arise and heal themselves with the power of your acceptance, love and  awareness, this process may last way beyond the time of the therapy itself

We also offer Reiki I Trainings.

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Abdominal Chi-Nei-Tsang Massage


Abdominal Chi Nei-Tsang massage, is a wonderful way to release emotional blockages, its a really beautiful and powerful Technique, It was originally created by Chinese monks to stabilize their meditation experiences, and as yoga, whose primary goal is Spiritual, has wonderful secondary effects
such as:
          -improved Digestion

          -Stability of Digestion Disorders
          -Deep relaxation
          -Release of negative emotions and memories
          -Deeper Connection to your body, mind and
          -Aids in Detoxification, stress, etc​

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Corporate and Private Yoga Classes


We also impart Yoga for meditation classes right at your company or at our studio. Feel free to contact us 

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